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It's here!

2011-11-22 14:41:05 by The-Heartbreak-Kid

The project I've been completing for 4 years finally makes it to NG and I'm very pleased. It's taken a long time to get to this point and I'm very happy to share it with everyone.

This series is about friends working together at a fast food restaurant in southwest Missouri and all the crazy things they talk about and do. This episode introduces all the main characters and gives you a little more info what this series is about.

Episode 2 will be posted immediately after this one is posted, and the third episode will follow tomorrow. With good luck and positive feedback this series might make it to its full 6 episode run so leave those comments and vote accordingly please. Haters gonna hate, but maybe you could take your hate elsewhere and u mad at your mom's house.

McSucky's Premiere

2011-11-17 11:06:12 by The-Heartbreak-Kid

McSucky's is coming next week!

The official release date is announced, it will premiere on Tuesday Nov. 22nd, 2011

Episode 1, 2, and 3 should be available for viewing and voting those days so please get the word out!

In the mean time there is a new promo here McSucky's Promo 2 that you can link to and share to help get the word out about the premiere next week.

McSucky's done.

2011-11-05 22:24:29 by The-Heartbreak-Kid

Hey! McSucky's is finally done.

I've worked on it a long long time, probably too long. Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are done and will be premiering on Newgrounds sometime this month.

In the meantime I've got promos and teasers coming to get people excited about it. Maybe things work well and I can get things moving and finish up with episodes 4, 5, and 6 and complete it someday if everything works out well.

Tell everyone you know to come watch this. McSucky's Promo

McSucky's - Based loosely on events and conversations in a fast food restaurant in Southwest Missouri. A story of friends working together, but not very hard.

Episode 1 - "This is McSucky's" Introducing the new series and telling a little something about all our main characters.

Episode 2 - "Labor Day" A strange accident induces zombie panic on a busy day at McSucky's.

Episode 3 - "Fun With LSD" Everyone decides to drop acid for a strange trip while at work.


2011-10-14 11:59:45 by The-Heartbreak-Kid

McSucky's episode 1,2, & 3 coming soon.

must make music


2010-07-15 01:52:58 by The-Heartbreak-Kid

*sigh* so much animation to do so little motivation

Anyways enough bitching. Episode 3 is done. Working on episode four. Have written a new episode that will go in inbetween episodes 4 and 5. Just gotta get it all done.

McSucky's season 1

2010-02-19 04:57:29 by The-Heartbreak-Kid

So episodes one and two are finished and im a good part through episode three. Moving and getting divorced and all that shit puts a big dent in making cartoons. Episode four and the the season finale epsiode five should be under way soon.


2008-06-02 18:57:54 by The-Heartbreak-Kid

So we finally got the first season completely written, now we just have to make it. Isn't animation fun?


2008-04-29 11:05:49 by The-Heartbreak-Kid

So my crew and I decided that we're going to write and animate 1 season (5 episodes) of McSucky's all at once before we release any more. Currently only 4 episodes are written and only 1 is partially animated. As plans go once they are all done we will premiere them once a week at the same time for 5 weeks.


2008-01-14 13:37:50 by The-Heartbreak-Kid

It sucks trying to work on a cartoon when you're computer fries.

So yeah, more McSucky's has been delayed.



2007-10-22 18:35:20 by The-Heartbreak-Kid

My hard work is finally complete and McSucky's has just been submitted to the flash portal, so go check it out and get ready to laugh!